July 28, 2015

Fort Worth Zoo | Exploring Ft. Worth

One of Zoe's must do activities this summer, was going to the Fort Worth Zoo. We checked it off our list a couple weeks ago, when some friends from church asked us to join them. Lucky for us, they had memberships, so we got a discount on our tickets. 

Now, I grew up in Denver, going to the Denver Zoo. If you have not visited the Denver Zoo of a zoo of similar caliber, then you my friend should get to one asap. I didn't realize as a child what a good zoo we had and kind of took it for granted. While the Fort Worth Zoo is no Denver Zoo, it was definitely a great experience, with plenty to see and do. 

We happened to go on one of the hottest days this summer, which meant my clothes were soaked in sweat 2 and 3 times over. However, the Fort Worth Zoo has attempted to tackle the heat with lots of big trees growing over the walking areas, meaning plenty of shade and misters spouting cool water in several areas. While these conveniences didn't stop us from sweating, they definitely made our 5 hour day more pleasant. High Five Ft. Worth! 

I didn't take a ton of pictures because I really just wanted to enjoy the day. We saw some animals I had never seen before, and plenty of adorable zoo babies. 

Bald Eagle

One of my favorite sections, which I didn't take pictures of, was the Texas Wild area, set up like an old wild west town. They had an interactive puppet show, petting farm, and indoor exhibits with activities for the kids. 

Zoe attempting to fish
I was actually surprised in a couple of the exhibits how close we got to the animals. The rhinos specifically. We were standing on a bridge maybe 2 or 3 years from this rhino. You can see me in the shadow. If he charged, we would've been in trouble.

The zoo is big, and for just a few dollars you can take the train to get to the opposite side of the park. We opted to take it one way, which of course the kiddos loved!

Even though we left hot and soaked in sweat, we had a great time. The highlight for me was seeing the white tiger and baby giraffe, while Zoe loved petting the milk snake.  I'm glad we went with friends who knew the zoo really well, so we didn't even need to use our map. They took us all around and we didn't miss anything. 

We've been here in Ft. Worth for almost a year exactly, and there is still plenty of this city we haven't seen yet. 

Holly & CO.

July 24, 2015

I wish I was a Mermaid | 4/52

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know we spend a large amount of our free time at the pool. By a lot, I mean that Zoe begs to go to the pool anytime we are not at home. She owns more swimsuits than pairs of shoes. Yes, she swims a lot.

She has perfected her mermaid dive, complete with "tail" flick. She loves how her long hair swirls around in the water. She will lay on her back and slowly swish her hair from side to side. She reminds me so much of myself as a child. I still remember pretending I was a mermaid in the pool and perfecting my mermaid dive.

Like mother, like daughter.

I loved that mermaid so much, it was the first thing I pulled out to use on the page. I fussy cut around her shape and used it to wrap around the photo. I used some enamel dots to act as bubbles, which were cut off the paper. The rest of the page came together quickly as I layered some different size cuts of papers. I added a few stickers and finished it off with some journaling.

Journaling reads,
" Zoe would live in the pool if that was an option. 
Even in the winter she is begging to be in the water. 
She mentions being a mentions being a mermaid because
 then she could live in the ocean and never have to leave."

In other news:

My last page about Zoe was featured this week on Paper Issues. You can see that page here. You can use the code LISA20 for a 20% discount in the Paper Issues Store, which just got a bunch of new stuff in!

Have a great weekend!

Holly & Co.

July 22, 2015

7 Facts About Zoe | 3/52

Zoe celebrated her 7th birthday in June, but June is always so crazy for us, I didn't even get a chance to blog about it. I took this picture just shy of her 7th birthday and it was perfect for documenting all about her right now.

The journaling reads,

"1. She is always happy. Every day of Zoe's life is, "the best day ever!" she is so excited about life in general. The name Zoe means "life" so that is not surprising.

2. She loves learning. any zoo or museum is a dream land for Zoe. A library is a sanctuary. Factoids and diagrams are her love language.

3.She had the best manners. We get compliments constantly about how polite she is. She always remembers to say please and thank you.

4. She adores animals. She asks to pet every dog we see walking. Sometimes she wants to go to her friend's houses just to play with their pets.

5. She is part fish or mermaid, whichever term you prefer. She would live in the water if it was an option. We are going to start her on swim team in the fall.

6. She loves comic books. Ryan has a collections of old comic books and she started reading them. Now, they go to the comic book store together and pick out new ones to read.

7. She loves math. This I'm sure is a result of watching her daddy in school, doing so much math. But she actually enjoys math problems and work out equations with her dad."

Lists are always a great way to use up extra number stickers and to document a lot of facts without having a picture for each one.

All the supplies I used came from American Crafts Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy collection. I got all my supplies from Cassie at Paper Issues. She almost always has coupon codes available (check their social media pages and blog) and her shipping is lightening fast!

I'm playing along with the Paper Issues linky party this week, you can find that post here.

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July 3, 2015

Austin Mini Book | Quick & Easy Scrapbooking

For the first time in a long time, I went scrapbook shopping. With so many new and gorgeous products coming out - I just couldn't resist. I visited two of my favorite online stores, Elle's Studio and Paper Issues. I've been on Design Teams for both stores before, and was always impressed with Elle and Cassie, their respective owners. Customer service and shipping is second to none! I would highly recommend both stores.


Elle's Studio has monthly kits that launch on the 10th of every month. I just had to have June's kit, and I added some wood veneers and labels to my order. 

Paper Issues always has the latest and greatest and I've been waiting for October Afternoon's new Summertime line to become available. I scooped up the pieces I wanted, as well as several other items. Cassie almost always has discount codes available, check the store front page or the design team member blogs!

Now, for the mini book! It took me about an hour total, which is very fast for me. I pulled some coordinating papers together, thickers, stamps, stickers and washi tape. I also used a whole package of these awesome foodie themed wood veneer.


All the pages are around 4"x 6", the photos are about 3.5"x 3.5". I printed them at home and trimmed them up quickly. Instead of worrying about every page being just right, I tried to accept the sentiment, " done is better than perfect." You know what, I love it! This project was low stress, high reward. Now it is hanging nicely above my desk and makes me smile every time I see it. 

I like mini-books because they are perfect for small hands. Zoe has already looked through this a handful of times, and I love the comments she makes each time she looks at it.

You can see some of my other mini book posts here:

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