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November 28, 2016

Earlier this year my Grandmother turned 90 years old. We delayed the celebration until the 4th of July when all our families could be together to celebrate. In attendance, she had her 3 sons and wives, 8 granddaughters and 7 husbands, 17 great-grandchildren. We were only missing 2 people, my brother and my cousin's husband. All together we have benefited beyond words because of this amazing woman. It was truly wonderful to celebrate her life with all of the lives she helped create.

I snapped this quick photo while we were singing "Happy Birthday" to her. I thought about including it in my 4th of July spreads, but I felt this milestone deserved it's own page.

This page came together so quickly. Normally, I spend half an hour just sorting through supplies, pulling items I may or may not want to use. For this page, I knew which papers I wanted to use. I grabbed them and a few star embellishments and I was off to work. Since I was only using one photo and little embellishment, I used depth to add visual interest, in the form of pop-dots behind the photo.

The crepe paper circle is actually from a Valentine's Day embellishment. I ripped off the heart sentiment and covered it up with the chipboard star. I love being able to re-purpose supplies, These inkable Heidi Swapp alphas have been a new favorite of mine. A little gold ink and voila! A perfect color match.

I still need to add journaling to the page, but it will most likely go on the back, because there are just too many words to fit on the front. Plus, I feel like the words would take away from the design in this instance.

Do you ever favor design over journaling?


Freckles | Hodge Podge

November 16, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, you have heard me talk about Zoe's freckles more than once. See I don't have cute freckles. I have a husband with cute freckles and a best friend with cute freckles, but I just have random freckles/beauty marks/moles. I've always wanted freckles sprinkled ever so perfectly just on the bridge of my nose. Thankfully, because of her father and his cute freckles, Zoe has inherited the perfect amount.

When I say down to scrapbook this picture, I pulled out some of my favorite things. Some of them I have been saving for years and some of them have recently popped into my stash. Guys, I'm not saying that any of these elements really go together, but I am saying that I love how this page turned out. 

There was really no rhyme or reason to this page, just lots of moving things around, gluing them down, ripping them off, then moving them around again. It's a hodge podge and proof of why I think kits can be such a great place to start when scrapbooking.

I no longer subscribe to any kit clubs, but that's because I have so many supplies from years of subscribing. I miss it though. I found kits so easy to work with. I remember when I first started using them, it was hard for me to get over the idea that everything had to match and be from the same line of products. 

I do still use products all from the same line, but I think manufacturers and designers have more diverse products in each line than they used to. And by used to, I'm talking like 2009-ish. 

As I've been cleaning up my craft room, I've been working on organizing my layouts into different albums. I have gone back through oodles of pages and some of my favorites about about seemingly unimportant things, like freckles. But that is what I love about scrapbooking. Documenting ordinary things that are of value to me. 

Each page like this I make is like a mini love letter to my favorite parts about Zoe. I hope when she gets older that she sees them as such.


Dust it off | Using Orphan Supplies

November 7, 2016

I've been scrapbooking on and off for well over half my life. Wow. That's a little crazy to type out. Well over those years I have collected supplies, which involve many fads. I've had some supplies so long they have gone it and then out of style, only to come back in trend again. 

I, like many, got heavily into wood veneer. I had many alphabets, tons of shapes and even phrases. I still like the look of the wood shapes. They are versatile and can be colored to suit any page. However, years of use have left me with random letters and shapes, that I struggle to use. So they sit in my Ikea Raskog cart and gather dust.

The inspiration for this page actually came from knocking over the container of these orphan pieces. I sighed deeply as I knelt down to clean them up. As I was looking at them scattered all over the floor, I thought they looked so cool just all random. I scooped them all up and go to work making this page.

Originally, I wanted to cover the entire page, but after just doing this section, I decided that would take way too long, so I opted for a column. I like the way it turned out. It adds lots of dimension to the page, while sticking with the topic. I used some coveted Studio Calico striped paper for the edges and some Christmas stamps from Elle's Studio. I got the ombre ink effect using two different colors of ink. Look for that tutorial coming soon.

While I was able to use these old supplies, I still have some leftover. I will either do something similar again, maybe soft by letter, or give them away. I recently did a major supply clean-up and found lots of orphan supplies that will be getting used up soon!

What do you do with random supplies? Do you try and use them or give them away?


First Day of 3rd Grade | Real Life Stories

October 20, 2016

Finally back to scrapbooking! It's been a long time coming. Right after we moved into our house, I ordered over 100 pictures from our spring and summer adventures. I have lots of backlog from years of time off, but I decided to start with current and fill in when & where I can. What better way to start then scrapbooking the first day of school.

Zoe's first day of school this year was unique. I hope and pray that this is the only year we start school living in a hotel. Yes these picture were taken outside the front of our hotel with lots of people walking in and out. The story isn't my favorite, in fact after I dropped her off, I cried. I cried because I missed Texas, I wanted her to have a "normal" first day and I cried because I thought that her starting school would make everything normal, but it didn't. 

Despite my own feelings and insecurities, Zoe had a great day! She came home regaling me with all the names of her new friends and showing me her new planner. 

Since this particular story involved my own tale of ugly crying, I didn't really want the journaling front and center. I used a 3x4 journaling card and a plastic tab to hide the story.

Some stories are harder than others to tell. This one was hard for me. It was a reminder of those frustrating feelings I felt as a mother. All my worry and stress rolled into one scrapbook page. But, it was important for me to write down my true feelings because one day Zoe will read those words, maybe in a year, maybe in a few years, and maybe when she has children of her own. When she reads those words she will see how much I cared, how much I worried, and how everything turned out okay.

This story is more than just pictures of the first day of school, and that's just one of the reasons I love scrapbooking so much.

Where do you write down your stories? A journal, scrapbook pages, twitter?

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