Candy Coated Ombre Planner Stickers | Free Printable

September 16, 2016

I've been using The Happy Planner for almost a year now and I love it! It wasn't until recently that I discovered the amazing world on planner stickers!

I finally got some sticker paper to try them out, and it's safe to say, I'm addicted. 

After spending the morning in Illustrator, and a couple YouTube videos later...I made some of my own. 

Holly & Company

Here they are in action. I positioned the stickers back to back, increasing in intensity, but there are a ton of different ways you could pattern them.

Holly & Company

I'm really excited about making more planner stickers, for myself and for everyone else. If you are looking for any specific kind of stickers, let me know in the comments.

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Night on Broadway | #choosethecolors

September 8, 2016

Yesterday I posted this picture on my Instagram and asked for your help to pick my color scheme for this scrapbook page. It was SO fun! The response was unanimous in favor of neon pink, black and gold. I worked on it last night and I'm excited to share how it turned out today.


I like the way it turned out. I wish I wouldn't have sprayed the background with the gold mist, but I didn't have any more card stock in that color so I had to roll with it. The neon papers came in a 6x6 pad I got at Target years ago. I've been holding onto them without a purpose for a long time. 

That's one of my favorite parts about having a scrapbook stash, I'm always finding old things but they feel new. The other bits are from various kits and sale items I've collected over the years.

My favorite part is the alphas. They are mistable Heidi Swapp alphas. I used black ink to fill them in and then traced the edges with a gold marker to help them standout against the background. The marque style was perfect for the title and theme of her singing troupe performance. 

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Back to California | Summer 2016

August 31, 2016

After our weekend away to New Orleans, LA, we had just a few short days back in Texas before we headed out on our big summer vacay in Utah. We generally visit either Utah or California and sometimes both during the summers, because that's where our families live. 

But now since we were moving to California, Utah was the first stop this summer. We celebrated so many big milestones and made memories every minute. It was one of the best summers I have ever had. 

After our 3 weeks in Utah, we headed back to Texas for a few short days. Just long enough to let the packers and movers collect our belongings and say a few good-byes. One of the best parts of our faith, is the worldwide connections. In every place we have lived, we have known somebody. Or somebody who knows somebody we know. It's like the 5 degrees of Kevin Bacon, but usually less than five to find a connection. 

The tears didn't really hit until a few days after we arrived in California. I did love Texas. Not all of it, but so much of it. But like every place we leave, it's the people we miss the most. 

I'm grateful to be finally settling in. I'm still currently swimming in brown paper and boxes. Slowly but surely, the house is coming together and I'm getting my craft room back in order. I'm excited for this next chapter in our lives. Stick around to see fun new things coming!


New Orleans, LA | Weekend Away

June 22, 2016

We spent a wonderful weekend away, visiting some old friends down in New Orleans, LA. The city is about halfway for both of our families. Although we finally live back within driving distance, we haven't gotten together over the last 2 years. Nothing like an impending move to motivate you to make plans! 

You know it's a good trip when you only took a handful of photos. I meant to take more, I really did, but we were having such a great time chatting and exploring that I didn't even really think about the pictures.

A few highlights....

Cafe Du Monde - Delicious beignets, they are like dense sopapillas. We went to the original location in Jackson Square, and walked several blocks to get there. We found out after there were other locations closer to us, which would have been easier on our feet.

Cochon - Awesome Cajun dinner spot. We were all starving and this was close to our hotel. It turned out to be one of the best meals we ate there. If you go, you MUST get the macaroni & cheese, it was beyond amazing. We also tried the chicken & andouille gumbo, cochon, lima beans, rabbit & dumplings, lemon poppy-seed cake and blueberry crumble.  

Audubon Aquarium - We have been to many an aquarium. Monterey Bay Aquarium is a long-standing favorite and the Audubon Aquarium definitely held up to our expectations. It has seahorses, jellyfish, a shark tank (including a walkthrough tunnel), and penguins. It also has a touch pool where we got to touch manna rays. Definitely a highlight. Plus, it's indoor and air conditioned, a perfect place to escape the summer heat. 

We did do a quick trip through Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, but it's not a family friendly area of town, so we made it a quick trip through that area.

Weekend trips seem to fit our family lifestyle the best. We are homebodies by nature and too many days away from home makes us kind of itchy. Since we will be moving back the the west coast, we are already thinking of our next destination.

Here is what we have come up with so far....
Yosemite National Park
Redwoods National Forest
Mt. Shasta
Oregon Coast
Catalina Island
Santa Barbara

Any other suggestions? I would love to visit/eat/stay at already approved places.


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