Nearing the End of the 1st Trimester

November 21, 2007

Thank goodness it's almost over, I was really beginning to dislike eating. This week I have had multiple days free of morning sickness! I'm actually starting to feel good. I have a nice, little round pooch that sticks out just enough to make a presence. In non-baby news, Campbell, our dog, has started eating lots of things that are not good for little puppies, meaning we get to see our vet regularily. Last week it was Excedrin, this week a rock. The vet said it is preparing us for parenthood. I hope my child doesn't eat rocks. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, we will be spending it here in California with Ryan's side of the family. I think the whole bunch will be here, so I'll get to see my niece and nephew! I'm making pumpkin pies and green bean casserole, Thanksgiving staples. Although, I do have a fear that I will mess them up, so cross your fingers and wish me luck! Well that's all for now in the Humbert House. For all of you in Tulsa, we will be there for Christmas, we will see you all soon. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! xoxo, Holly

Ist Ultrasound

November 13, 2007

Wow, Sorry I haven't written in awhile, we had a busy weekend. Well Friday, the 9th, we had our first ultrasound. The first thing we saw was the little flashing heartbeat on the screen. It was so exciting to actually see our little jelly bean. The Dr. measured the baby, and said that it was right on track with my due date, and growing normally. So official due date is June 18th. Right now I'm 9 weeks. Also, I'm right on track with my weight gain, I've gained 4 pounds so far. The morning sickness unfortunately has not gone away. I was even out of work a little last week. I'm hoping that these last few weeks of the first trimester will fly by and I'll actually want to eat again. Especially with the holidays coming up, I want to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Ryan and I were trying to scan the ultrasound picture last week but it wasn't working too we'll see if we can get it up this week. Thanks for all your love and support!
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