Bath Time

June 20, 2008

Zoe's umbilical cord still hasn't fallen off yet, but Ryan and I gave her a sponge bath tonight. She was so wide awake, I decided to take some pictures so everyone can see what she looks like awake.

Holly & Co.


Morgan Werner said...

Holly, you and Ryan made a really cute baby. She has what look like the beginnings of some chubby little cheeks. Chubby cheeks will get her well on her way toward baby perfection, as far as I'm concerned!

Natalie said...

AH!!! I can't believe how cute she is!

Tawnya said...

What a little cutie. I can't believe how small she is! Enjoy it!

Stephanie said...

oh she is just so cute she looks a little bigger in these photos we need to hang out when i get back from utah!

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