Friday update

October 10, 2008

Well Ms. Zoe has been under the weather this week. she was stuffy, feverish, wasn't eating/sleeping on her normal schedule/pattern. Turns out she just had a cold. She is doing better now. She is now perfecting the art of rolling over. Ryan said yesterday afternoon, he couldn't get her to stop. Then this morning I laid her on the floor and she wouldn't stop. So we have a rolly polly on our hands. And we love EVERY BIT of it! I also started a new blog. I felt bad entering my thoughts, interests and etc. into a blog named "Baby Humbert". So I will keep this blog for all our family's updates and pictures, but for my personal musings, interests and etc, you can visit this blog. I'm also still updating the weight loss blog. I'm trying to be better at that. XOXO, Holly

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