Not so TGIF....but a little.

March 28, 2008

Yep. That's how my morning started. I went early to the lab to start my glucose test. Drank that nasty orange drink, then waited for an hour. Then the nurse took lots of blood. Then I had to go upstairs to my Dr.'s office and get a shot in the hip. Needless to say, I wasn't exactly *happy * this morning.

But there is some good news. I was at the Dr. on Wednesday, because my legs have been swollen. He said that the swelling is just normal pregnancy swelling and that I don't have signs of preclampsia. Baby Z is doing well. Growing and moving all around. (Side note: While commenting on how my feet were swelling out of my shoes, Ryan kindly referred to the tops of my feet as "Muffin Tops" I Hope that gives you a good visual on just how swollen my feet really are.)

My Baby Shower is tomorrow. There was a mis-hap though. When we printed some of the invitations, some of the addresses were wrong, but not all of them. So for those of you who read this and are planning on coming tomorrow, the correct street name is "ThunderHead Circle" not "Thunder Circle" If yours is printed correct, then disregard. I'm really looking forward to the cake. I know it will be early in the morning for cake, but I'm excited. Jamie's sister is making it!

Campbell hasn't eaten anything weird for a long time. We were thinking she had been cured since we got her fixed. Well, this morning she got 1/2 a loaf of garlic bread while Ryan was in the shower. I don't think she ate much, if any, of the foil this time though. (She won't be getting treats today :( Garlic bread isn't really weird, but I find it commical how fast she can eat things that she knows she's not supposed to have. (I'm sure it only took her a minute or two)

Ryan finally got his Super Nintendo to work. It still needs some tweaking to get it just perfect (and Ryan likes it, just Perfect!) I'll post pictures soon. But for those of you on my Baker side and Baker's are probably the only one's who will understand when I say, this means that I can now play.....

(they don't make it for systems beyond Super Nintendo)
I love that my husband is so smart and creative, to actually attempt these projects, but I have selfishly been waiting for him to finish, so that I can relive my childhood memories of playing this game.
Since I've been slacking on my cooking lately...well pretty much since I've been pregnant. I've been making an effort to cook more. In reality I've just been baking. We've had Angel food cake, Pound cake, and pretty soon we'll have some chocolate chip cookies! So if you are in the area, and are in need of sugar, stop by, I'm pretty sure we'll have something for you.
Coming up next week on the blog:
~ Tomorrow is also Primary Activity Day, that's sure to bring a story or two.
~ The French's are moving into our complex this weekend! So nice to have 4 LDS couples in the complex. Especially since our next doors neighbors are going to be out of town for the next week or so.
~We are going to the coast with the Humbert Side. Watch for pictures!
~ Pictures of Ryan's completed Project.
~ I'll put up a new belly picture.....sometime soon.
Love you all!
Holly & Co.

Utah Trip (long post)

March 25, 2008

Well I'm back from Utah. I had so much fun but we were VERY busy.
On Thursday morning, after I got into town, we went and visited my Grandma Baker's grave. I hadn't been back there since her funeral almost 2 years ago.
After that we went shopping and bumming around Provo. (We also took a sneak peek at IKEA on our way down to Provo)
Friday, we went to Gardener Mill. For those who have never been here, it's a cute litte boutique village in South Jordan, that has the best candy shop! They have homemade fudge, vintage candy, and any kind of Jelly Belly you could want.

After Gardener Mill, we want to go to Cafe Rio for lunch. I worked in the South Jordan area for almost a year and graciously offered to lead the way to the nearest Cafe Rio. Well about 30-45 minutes, 2 calls to 4-1-1 and much laughing later, we found it, and it was every bit as good as I remember.
Being Easter and all this weekend, we had to color eggs. And we had the discussion, that after all the different dye kits, the best one is still the one with the crayon. However, we took it a step further and got out a whole box of crayons. So here is before:


Friday was also my Grandma Morgan's 82nd birthday. We went to Carrabba's to celebrate. (Very Yummy) then back to play games.
Saturday was a busy day. In the morning, we stopped by Heather's place to see her parents before my family left. Her mom, the photographer that she is, took many pictures. I'm sure I will post them when I get them from her. Then Mom and Ben left, leaving Dad and us 3 girls to IKEA. This was Jenni and Natalie's first time at an IKEA. Needless to say, we had a good time. We said our good-byes to Dad, and went back to Provo. Finally, we had a chance to just hang out. It was nice. That night we watched movies and saw old friends.

Sunday I went to church at Natalie's BYU ward. Let me tell you....awkward...... As I am clearly pregnant, the Bishop came up to me to introduce himself. He said, " Do you live in Oklahoma with your parents?" I kindly replied, " No I live in Sacramento, with my Husband." I think I saw a sigh of relief come over him. I went to Nat's ward so I could hear her sing. She sounded beautiful. (so did her roommates). Zoe just loved when she was singing, she was moving all over the place. We were sitting near the piano, and I think that might have something to do with it, but every time there was music during that meeting, she was kicking all over the place. Natalie even got to feel one of her big kicks!
After church, I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Easter lunch. Ham, funeral potatoes, green beans and rolls...what more could a pregnant girl want!?! It was delicious and so fun to get to spend time with Uncle Ted, Aunt Shann, Lara and her Fiance,Tyler, before I had to head back. (I love seeing Grandma and Grandpa too!)

Then Nat and I went and saw Mark, Brooke and Taylor! Taylor was such a ball of fun. Crawling all over. I wish we got to seem them more.

After that, we went to meet this beautiful girl. (Ignore me in this photo please) Welcome little Brooke! Heather graciously had her baby just hours before I had to leave. I'm sure Heather will be posting more about her on her blog, so you can visit there to read more about her. (see the "places I go") I can't belive in just a few short weeks, Ryan and I will have one of our very own! (such a weird thought)

We only stayed at the hospital for a few minutes, not wanting to crowd the room, or over stay our welcome, but I can't wait to see her again! Next time we meet, she'll be meeting my little girl.
Then up to the mountains to see the Hyland's. Good old friends from Highlands Ranch. Had a lovely Easter Dinner there. Then off to the airport....
And of course on my flight home, seated behind me was a toddler who just loved screaming and kicking my seat. Thank goodness it was a short flight.

I came home to my sweetheart and puppy. Ryan had cleaned the whole house. (Don't you just love husbands!) And my sweet in-laws gave me an Easter Basket!
All in all, it was a great trip. Busy, but I needed this little dose of vacation.


Holly & Co.

Picture update

March 18, 2008

Nursery Pictures! Since we got the bedding and everything up, I thought I'd try to add room views.
Dresser and lamp.
This is the project I did this weekend. These are sitting on her dresser. I will eventually hang them, but for now they are just sitting there.
These are the flowers Ryan got me yesterday, after a pregnancy meltdown. He's so sweet!

I'll be leaving for Utah Thursday morning! I'll bring back lots of pictures. I'll try to add a new belly picture this week too. (Yes, I am still getting bigger)

Holly & Co.

Nothing new....

March 16, 2008

Hello all! I know I really should update this more than once a week, We just don't do too much out of the ordinary very often. Well an update for Ryan. Ryan got an 'A' on his first English paper. I'm so proud of him, he's been working so hard in school. Also, he's been building a portable Super Nintendo. This week he got the screen to work, he even let me help! I'm officially in my third trimester! Hooray! Little baby girl has been moving around quite a lot lately. She's starting to kick hard enough for Ryan to feel. She was actually kicking during our primary class today and 2 of our little girls got to feel her kick. But her getting bigger is causing me to have more heartburn, so that's not fun. I'm heading to Utah on Thursday to hang out with my family, and hopefully see Heather and baby (but she's not due until the day I leave so I'm not holding my breath) but I promise to bring back lots of pictures. I've been working on sprucing up the house for spring. Some new flowers and projects. I'll post pictures later this week. Hope you all are doing well! XOXO, Holly & Co.

The Crib Set

March 8, 2008

I just wanted to add a quick update. Today Ryan and I got a crib mattress and our bedding set.
I thought it would be a fun photo op to put Campbell in the crib. She actually liked being in there. (Sorry the lighting is really bad in there)

Here's with the flash.
I'll try to remember to take some pictures during the day tomorrow, so I will have natural light. The nursery actually looks like a nursery! I'm really excited that its all coming together!

Also, last post, I forgot to add that my sister is having a little BOY! We found out yesterday and we are all so happy!

That's all for now!

Holly & Co.

Catch Up!

March 7, 2008

Alright, we're back on the horse, so to speak. Well back to work anyways. Finally, I was well enough to go back to work. It's been so nice not to be sitting around the house coughing all day. And now, I'd like to introduce you to our new best friend!
Mr. Humidifier

Ryan and I bought this a few nights ago, after my Mother-in-Law Julie recommended we get one. We've slept so much better since getting it, even Campbell is sleeping better, so thank you Julie!
Last weekend we had the privilage to see my niece and nephew! Although Ryan and I were sick, Mark, Brooke & Taylor, and Eric, Jen & Luke were in town. So we went over to the in-laws to see them for a little while. They are too cute together! Jen posted pictures on her blog.

On the Baby front, I went to the Dr. today. Everything is looking good, the heartbeat is strong, I'm measuring just fine, etc. I have to do my glucose test in 3 weeks to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. After my next appt. in April, I will start going every 2 weeks. We are counting down! Here is a picture of my belly today. 26 weeks. Sorry it's blurry but Ryan wasn't home to take it.
Here are some pictures of the sock animals I've been making. They are so fun to make. Campbell tries to eat them while I'm in the process of making them. I often look over and she has the whole animal head in her mouth. (That she has stolen from my pile of completed body parts)
That's 2 elephants and a zebra.
As you can see from the belly shot, our walls are still pretty bare, so I made these canvas' to go up in our bedroom.

I know I post a lot of things I make. I was going to post a picture of the motor Ryan made at school yesterday, but I couldn't find it. He also made a potato clock, but it was rotting so I made him throw it out. Ryan's been really busy with school and work, and being sick. Hopefully it will slow down a little and he'll have time to work on his Playstation & Super Nintendo. He's turning his old Playstation & Super Nintento's into a portable device. Right now it's in pieces, but once it is done, I'll post pictures.

Last night we went out to P.F. Chang's with some old friends from Utah, Ryan and Ally Willis. Ryan Willis is the one who is responsible for Ryan and I meeting, without him we probably never would have met, fell in love, or gotten married. Thanks Willis, we owe you one! We had a nice time chatting it up about good ol' Utah and all the old memories. I should have brought my camera!

I think that is all the new news in our house. I'll be heading to Utah in a few weeks to go hang out with my family and hopefully see my friend Heather's baby (if the little one decides to come early. ) I hope you all are staying healthy!

Holly & Co.
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