Bath Time

June 20, 2008

Zoe's umbilical cord still hasn't fallen off yet, but Ryan and I gave her a sponge bath tonight. She was so wide awake, I decided to take some pictures so everyone can see what she looks like awake.

Holly & Co.

Well Baby Check Up

June 18, 2008

Our little Zoe went to the Dr. today for her check up. Her length was the same 20.5 inches, which puts her in the 50th percentile. She is up to 7 lbs, 7.5 oz which puts her in the 25th percentile for weight. The Dr. said she looks and sounds great. They are happy about her gaining weight, especially because she was 2 weeks early, today is her actual due date. I'm so thankful our little girl answered my prayers and came early.

Zoe, although sleeps great during the day, can give us some trouble in the late nights. But it's hit and miss. Sometimes she sleeps 5 or 6 hours stretches, other nights she's up every 2 or 3 hours. We're still all getting used to this new baby thing. She is so fun, and we love her to death. Campbell is still getting used to having competition for attention, but she is doing better than I expected.

In other news, My sister, Jenni, is due with her baby in about 5 weeks. But if she goes like me, she only has about 3 weeks. So Jenni, this note is for you to hang in there, I know it's hot, and I know how uncomfortable you are at this point, but you have come so far and it will be totally worth it! Keep smiling it will be over soon, and you will have a sweet little baby to show for it! I love you!
My sister, Natalie comes back from Italy this next week, so please pray for her safe travel. I'm so excited to see her. Little does she know that she has already been assigned to pick me and Zoe up from the airport in a couple weeks :) Thanks Nat!
My little brother, Ben is at scout camp this week. He just created a blog. I posted the link on the right. When he gets back, I'm sure he'll post all about his adventures. (Mind you, the day they left for camp, it had been storming with lightening the whole night before, so I'm sure he'll have interesting stories)
And last but certainly not least, I didn't get a chance to post for Father's Day.
I have a very special relationship with my Dad. I have never met a person that didn't have good things to say about my Father, everyone loves him, he just radiates! My Dad has introduced me to several wonderful things in life, everything from Havarti cheese to Monty Python, from life lessons, like the Dating Game to essential Gospel principles, like Tithing and Temple Marriage. Thanks Dad for everything. You are my Hero!
I also want to mention my sweet husband, Ryan , who became a Father, just in time for this holiday. He is so gentle and kind with our daughter. I can't wait for her to grow up and recognize special bond that only Fathers and Daughters have. I love you Ryan!
Holly & Co.

Being Home

June 13, 2008

We have been home from the hospital just a few days, but things are going great. Zoe generally sleeps 4-5 stretches during the night (although last night she was up much more than that) It's been so nice to be at home in our own beds with out own stuff. Zoe weighed 6 lbs 12 oz at birth and by the time we left the hospital, she weighed 7 lbs 2 oz, but almost all of her clothes are too big for her. She is a great baby overall and we are so blessed to have this sweet little piece of heaven in our lives. She loves her vibrating bouncy seat, she often sleeps there during the day. My recovery is going great, just need to loose those extra baby pounds, but my swelling is down, so I'm happy for now. Zoe will be going back to the Dr. next Wednesday for her '2 week' appt. (although it will only be 1 week from when she was released from the hospital) Our puppy Campbell has been bunking over at my in-laws for the past week and a half, and she is coming home tonight. We went over there last night to sorta introduce them, and Campbell didn't seem interested until she smelled the formula we were feeding to Zoe. I'll let you all know how this weekend goes with baby and puppy together. I'll try to post more pictures soon. XOXO, Holly & CO. PS. We will be in Utah for the 4th of July, so if you are in Utah that week and would like to see us, let me know so I can make sure we stop by. :)

Baby Zoe comes home!

June 10, 2008

We're so excited to announce that Baby Zoe gets to come home tonight! She finishes her last round of antibiotics at 10pm, and then we are free to bring her home! She'll be home almost exactly a week from when my water broke. It hardly seems like it's been a whole week. Days seem to run together when you spend them in the hospital. Thank you all so much for your sweet comment, phone calls and prayers. We're so excited to have her home and be able to share her with everyone. More pictures soon. although she doesn't have a ton of different looks right now... XOXO, Holly & Ryan

Zoe update

June 8, 2008

The blog seems the best place to update information so that's why I have the frequent posts. Yesterday the Pediatrician reduced Zoe's antibiotics, which means she is doing great! She is clear for jaundice and after her blood test results this morning, them may stop one of the antibiotics. As of now, she is scheduled to come home Wednesday. Hopefully, we will be able to stick with that or leave a little sooner. Thank you all so much for your thoughts, phone calls and prayers. I'll put up some more pictures soon. XOXO, Holly & Ryan

More Pictures

June 7, 2008

Hello again. I just wanted to post up some more pictures of our little one. She has an IV strapped to her arm, so there aren't a lot of good full body shots. We'll try to get more up soon. Here's our little angel :) enjoy!

Baby Zoe Update

June 6, 2008

Hello all! Thank you all for your wonderful comments, phone calls and messages. I (holly) was discharged yesterday and my recovery is going great. I'm only on some Motrin for the pain, but other than that I'm doing great. However, our little Zoe, is a little sick. As I had posted previously, I tested positive for Group B strep. So during my labor, I was given antibiotics to help fight the infection, to protect Zoe. My labor was surprisingly short, so I didn't receive the full amount by the time she was born. This subjected our little girl to the infection. She now has to stay in the hospital for a week receiving antibiotics to fight her infection. Although her infection is completely curable and she isn't showing any symptoms of being sick, please pray for our little girl. She is feeding really well, and sleeps great so far. I have a room with her at the hospital, so although I am not a patient, I have a bed and can stay with her. I will try and post some more pictures that show her face better soon. The last few days has been a whirl wind for us. Thank you all for your love and support, XOXO, Holly, Ryan & Zoe.


June 4, 2008

Baby Zoe Humbert was born today June 4th, 2008 at 4:04 AM, with a total weight of 6 pounds and 12 ounces. She is 20 and 1/2 inches long and has a full head of dark brown hair. After a full night of no sleep and awesome pain killers Holly (yes this is Ryan Posting) was able to go from admittance to pushing in a little under 4 hours. We are both very excited to get to know our little baby and we hope you enjoy the awesome photography skills of both the nurses and I :). Take a look!

Sorry for such a short post, we both are just so very exhausted and busy at the moment. Stay posted for some very fun and much needed updates!

One Year

June 3, 2008

Yesterday marked our One Year Anniversary! It's gone by so fast. We had a mello night at home, Ryan made me dinner. I'm so grateful for such a wonderful husband, he truely is my best friend. Ryan and I actually dated for almost 2 years before we got married, so really it's been almost 3 years for us. I don't want to get too sappy, but Ryan,
I'm so happy you are mine for forever!
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