Chicken Soup Needed

March 16, 2009

So sorry for my lack of blogging. Last week was crazy busy, Ryan and I both had meetings all week long. And now...Zoe and I are down for the count (hence the title :) In Zoe news, She's getting a couple more teeth. She is almost standing. by almost, I mean she can stand for a second or two then drops. She is eating more people food. Last week she had rice, cereal bars, soft pretzel, baby crunchy chips. She knows how to drink out of a glass, however, she gets so excited she usually tips the glass too much and spills. She is saying ba ba and da da a lot! She doesn't hesitate to take her toys back from Campbell. I will try to update more regularly, these past few weeks have just been so busy. XOXO, Holly & Co.

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Jamie and Preston said...

Please feel better, we can't have you and Joanell out on Thursday! If you need anything let us know! Love you guys!

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