May 20, 2009

Well we are back home, safe and sound. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have but here's a few. Zoe waiting in the airport

Cousin Noah Papa & the munchkins Zoe will be 1 in a couple weeks, it's just crazy how fast it goes. I'll be doing a big birthday blog post don't worry.

While in OK, Zoe was the recipiant on 2 new teeth, so that brings the total to 11...11 teeth.

To sum up the trip:

*Taco Bueno, including cheesecake chimichangas (to die for)

*Taking cousin Noah's toys, a lot

*Zoe perfecting her beauty queen wave

*Lots of Cheerios

*Getting seriously lost in Witchta, KS, in the middle of a huge thunderstorm, coupled with large amounts of hail.

*Going to my first Mass & Catholic wedding in a beautiful Cathedral

*Watching a dear friend get married

*Cutting my hair short, again

*Shopping with my sisters

*Eating lots of Mom's good food

*Speed Scrabble/Word Vomit/Wulla Words

*Finding my baby blanket, which I promptly forgot to bring home

*Staying up talking till 1am talking about embarrassing 5th grade confessions :)

*The best 6th& 7th grade band concert I've ever been to

*Quik Trip Love

*Pedicures with Mom & Sisters

*Visiting with old friends

Although I hope this wasn't my last trip to Oklahoma, time will tell. We had a great time, but are happy to be home with Daddy & Campbell dog. Check back for more updates from our Memorial Day weekend coming up!


Holly & Co.

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Jamie and Preston said...

Thank heavens you are home! My life was an utter bore with you gone! Don't ever leave me again...except for this weekend of course...but then you are done for a while missy! Grounded, do you hear me! We need some serious girly time before my next little monster, uh I mean munchkin, arrives! With all these boys around me all the time I wonder if I even know how to do my nails anymore! ;) Oh well, tis the life of a Mom right?

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