Deals & Birthdays

June 26, 2009

I was out shopping for Ryan's birthday last night, and stopped into Old Navy. What a lucky break! if you need bathing suits, Old Navy has them for $5! Needless to say, we all got new bathing suits last night.
Zoe bug will look so cute in this! (Mine & Ryan's are plain and boring and are not worth the effort to get a picture. )
Zoe also got a bathing suit for next year and a sun hat. I took some pictures this morning with her sun hat, so as soon as I get those edited I'll post them.
Today is Ryan's birthday! Happy Birthday Sweetie! I surprised him today with a cooler full of different kinds of Rootbeer (including the one Voted Best Rootbeer in US like 4 years running) Tonight we're going to dinner, then go-kart racing and then hopefully, if we're up to it, a late movie. Julie & Zoe are having a sleepover, so we actually get to stay out past 8pm.
Have a great day!
Holly & Co.


Tawnya said...

I just bought that same one for Reese and she looks so adorable in it. I love it!

Jamie and Preston said...

Happy Birthday day Ryan! We hope that you two get to have an amazing night together, I know these date nights don't come around too often! We love you and E sends you the biggest birthday hug EVER!

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