More birthday pictures (thanks to Jen!)

June 8, 2009

during the cake eating. This is one of the few pictures of me and zoe together.
the ladybug cake.
she was very dainty at first and then after she got a real bite, she tore into it.
Playing at Grandma's! *All pictures taken by my SIL, Jen. thanks Jen!
thankfully this week will be much less busy. But, there will be lots of preparation for the busy weeks to come. Father's day, Ryan's birthday, 4th of july, BFF visits, Babyshowers. We're gonna have a busy summer!
Holly & Co.


Jamie and Preston said...

Super cute! We had so much fun! Glad we could celebrate with you guys!

Heather said...

So fun! I love your cake! It's darling! I'm so excited for BFF visit!!! YEAH!

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