Zoe's New Shirt

October 11, 2009

Look how grown up she looks!
Pardon the water spots, we had just finished brushing her teeth.
This is one of the shirts I made last night. Ryan wasn't too sure about the ruffle, but with this dress, how can anyone resist.
And that curly hair!

Ok, done gushing over how cute my kid is!
We're off to church and a very special baby blessing.
Be back later.

Holly & Co.


Heather said...

WAY TOO CUTE!!! I love the hair, the curls, the ruffles, the outfit, the grin! It's perfect! I want to see the scrapbook page of this pic! love ya!

Raquel Ruggles said...

she is so cute. you should submit her picture for gap's open casting call for models. i just want to chub those little dreamy cheeks.

Jenni S. said...

I think that's the most adorable thing I've seen all week. Except for Noah, maybe ;-) I miss that little cutie!

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