December Daily: Dec. 22

December 23, 2009

{If I would have sent out Christmas Cards, this is what they would have looked like}

Every year I debate sending Christmas cards. I kinda feel like it would be pointless, considering everyone I would send a card to reads the blog, so I thought it would be kinda redundant.

And then I see all the cute cards that come to my house and I think, maybe I should send them, I like getting cards, maybe others would. But by that time, it's usually December 22nd....and they cards won't get there in time.

So this year, expect a Valentine's Day card instead :)


Holly & Co.

PS. If you would like a Valentine's Day card,

leave a comment with your address and I'll make sure you get one!

{It will probably contain conversation hearts, because I'm in love with them}


Jen said...

Of course we want one!

Heather said...

let me know if you don't have our address... considering recent learnings of stalkers of old days past... i think I'll skip the ol' posting it on here... ;)

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