A Day of Firsts

January 26, 2009

The other week, Ryan went to the store to grab me some stuff and brought home a Red Velvet Cake mix. Well yesterday after church we were craving something sweet, so I busted it out. Come to find out, neither Ryan or I had ever even had red velvet cake. I asked him why he bought it then, and he said, " It looked REALLY good." I was surprised to find out how red it really was. So it went from this red....
to this red... and that frosting was amazing! Recipe here.Also, last night Zoe had meats for the first time. Along with her cereal and veggies, I gave her a taste of "Chicken noodle" baby food. At first she liked it, and then on the following bites, she kept spitting it out. She is growing so fast.
As promised, I am posting some pictures I took on Saturday of her and her piggy tales.
Not to much planned for this week, but that can always change.
Holly & Co.

I can take video recordings with my phone!

January 24, 2009

Well it's been awhile since I put up pictures and I still couldn't get the camera from Ryan's car, so I was going to take one to put up with my phone but then I realized I could take videos! So you will most likely be seeing more videos of Zoe in the near future. I wanted to show everyone how fast she craws and how cute her little beanie is! Happy Weekend! XOXO, Holly & Co.

Bad Blogger

January 23, 2009

I'm so sorry. I know it's been a week, and I actually have things to update. Last weekend, we did our Spring Cleaning. Julie & Dan took Zoe for the day and Ryan and I got to work. I think we did about 10 loads of laundry, Ryan cleaned the carpets and power washed the floors. I cleaned out every closet in our house and Zoe's dresser. Packed away all the clothes that don't fit, threw away all the clothes that have holes or stains. It was refreshing. Although, about half way through our day, after taking out a load of trash, I realized my wedding ring was gone. After many prayers and lots of searching, I had resolved that I must have lost it during one of my errands that day and it was gone. Ryan and I went to change the laundry, and the first dryer I opened, there was my ring, sitting so perfectly up on the edge. It must have fallen off while I was putting clothes in the dryer. So happy I have my ring back! Zoe had been cranky and stuffy all weekend and this week, but low and behold, the other night, a new tooth popped through! She is still stuffy but less cranky. She has been sleeping better. She sleeps through the night about 50% of the time. On Monday, Ryan had school off, so I took a vacation day so we could spend some time together as a family. We went to the park so Campbell could run around and Zoe could play. Her favorite thing at the park is the swings, she just giggles and giggles. She isn't so big on the teeter toter or the slide. I did take pictures and they include piggy tales, so as soon as I get the camera from Ryan's car, I will post them. The rest of the week, I have been sick. I had a stomach bug Monday night, which turned quickly into some sort of cold. But I'm feeling better now. Ryan will be working part of the weekend, but we might be able to catch a short date. I'm thinking we'll head to the driving range and then ice cream. I hope you are all having a great new year! XOXO, Holly & Co.

Phones and Piggy tales

January 16, 2009

Right when we got home from Oklahoma, Ryan's phone broke. Well it had been dying for some time, but it finally became unusable. Our contract was up soon, so we just shared my phone for a couple weeks. I never realized how much I use my phone....a lot. I had a hard time without it. But I am happy to say that we are now the owners of shiny new phones. So if you didn't get a text from me with my new number, you can e-mail me at brwneyes525@aol.com with your phone number and I will send it to you, because I'm really not wanting to post my phone number on the internet. Onto piggy tales. Zoe has been growing a comb over for quite some time. Her hair never totally fell out, just the bottom half. So the top half was really long. But it was starting to curl, like mine did as a baby, so I didn't want to cut it. Finally the bottom half of her hair is starting to grow in, but the top is now long enough for cute, curly piggy tales. They don't last all day, but they are adorable. I took a picture this morning on my new phone, but it is dark. So my goal for this weekend is to post a piggy tale picture. Ryan and I have both been extremely busy this week with work, school, and church stuff. By the way, thanks for everyone's ideas and help for my frugal class, it went well. So I apologize for the lack of blogging but I will strive to be better. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a happy holiday, if you get Monday off! XOXO, Holly & Co.

Christmas pictures #1

January 9, 2009

So I stole these from my sister's blog, because I haven't had time to photoshop mine (my camera half broke while in Oklahoma, so I have to edit a bit)

7 Months Old

January 6, 2009

Ryan took Zoe to the Dr. yesterday for her 6/7 month appointment. She is in the 60% percent for weight, 90% for height. she weighs 17 lbs. (it feels like a lot more) She is definitely a Humbert. The height doesn't come from my family. She has her 2 bottom teeth and is getting one on the top right now. She crawls all over the house and learned to sit up on her own and pull her self up to standing last week. She loves rice cereal with bananas. She is not so keen on sweet potatoes. She loves when Campbell likes her face. She loves her daddy, he makes her laugh. She rubs her as as soon as she gets tired. She loves her paci. Her nicknames are Bink, Binky, Stinky Bink, Zo, ZeeZee, Z, Z monster. She loves her new glow worm (Thanks cousin Tay!) She likes being read to, but only when she's tired, otherwise she can't sit through the book. She loves playing with hair. She has been to 5 states (CA,NV,UT,TX,OK) She's learning how to drink out of a sippy cup. Her best friend is E. Stauffer, She loves to watch him dance. She sleeps on her stomach with her butt in the air. She loves tubby time. Her hair is starting to curl, just like mine did. Her eyes are green, just like Ryan's. She sleeps through the night, most nights. This information is more for me and documenting, than anything, but I'm sure would all like to know what Z is up to. XOXO, Holly & Co.

Calling all thrifty blog readers

January 5, 2009

I am on the enrichment commitee at church and I am teaching a class next week on being frugal and stretching your dollar. I have a lot of great information already, thanks to several different resources, but I think frugal tips is something you can never have enough of. If you would be so kind, to add your favorite frugal tips in a comment, I would love to add to my collection and share them with my ward. I was going to post all of mine, but a lot of people that read this blog, also live here, and I want it to be a surprise :) So add your tips, please please. And if you are coming to my class on the 13th, you are more than welcome to bring friends and family members, there will be treats. PS. if you know you are bringing people, will you let me know so I can make enough treats!
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