August 30, 2009

On Friday, Zoe went to the Temple with Grandma Julie for cousin Kristi's wedding. Zoe stayed outside with cousins Amber and Melissa, they took these adorable pictures.
We attended their reception that evening, it was beautiful. It was at the same venue as our own, fun to take a trip down memory lane.

Saturday was our Ward BBQ. Turned out over 100 people showed up. It was hot and there was a few bumps but overall we had a good time. Ryan and Zoe came a little late due to naps. Zoe gobbled up her hot dog. Who knew she loved hot dogs?

Ryan starts school tomorrow. He'll be taking 4 classes this semester, he will be quite busy!
My creative juices are still absent so I apologize for the lacking of blogging (blogging is included in the creative juices part)

I'll try to be better about posting this week, but no promises.

Holly & Co.

Fun News!

August 27, 2009

So sorry about the lack of blogging lately. Getting back into the swing of things always takes a few weeks. I've got some big ward events coming up so my evenings are full of phone calls and errands instead of blogging. But I definitely have something to blog about today.....

My sister, Natalie opened up her Etsy shop today. She makes beautiful jewelry. Last year, she interned with jewerly maker in Italy and found her love and talent.
To celebrate her Grand Opening, she's giving a 10% discount and free shipping for any purchase before September 11th.
Stop by and take a peek.

Big TooT!

August 21, 2009

Big TooT!
One of my scrapbook pages was featured on a manufacturer's blog today! I was so excited this morning when I checked their blog and found my layout the first picture. (link is above)

The layout is of my brother at my wedding, playing with a glass soda bottle.

Weekend Away

August 18, 2009

This is how we spent our evening on Friday. Driving. This picture was taken around 4am Saturday morning. Zoe slept a lot of the drive to Utah, but work up just before Wendover. anticipating that my 14 month old, may not like being in her carset for 10+ hours, Ryan loaded Mickey Mouse cartoons onto the iPod just in case. So here is Zoe in her carseat at 4am, watching Mickey on the iPod.

We had so much fun seeing lots of family. It was a busy 3 days. We went all over town, shopping and going to old favorite candy shoppes and visiting family. Zoe took a little while to warm up, but had lots of fun with her cousins, and 2nd cousins.

Sorry to everyone we didn't get to see, we should be back in a couple months for a longer stay, so we'll try to get everyone in then. It's amazing how fast 3 days goes.

Back at home......

Last night we had our Relief Society Service Auction. We had lots of fun and great attendance. I won a red coral bracelet/anklet and some babysitting. Thanks to everyone who helped/donated/bid on items. Next activity up: Ward BBQ, August 29th.

R yan will be starting a very FULL semester in a couple weeks. It's been nice to have him off this summer without math homework or labs to be completed in the evenings, but I think he's getting anxious to have homework again...lol...you can only play so many video games (his words)

Zoe is cutting ANOTHER tooth. This will make lucky 13...it's a canine. She missed her bff, E while we were gone. When we got back at 6 am on Tuesday morning, and we walked past there door she started waving. So cute. She's saying lots of new words, Grandpa, PaPa, monkey, and others, but I can't remember them all now.

Campbell was so good while we were gone, thank you to the Boyce family for taking such good care of her!

Stay tuned for more crafty happenings...

Holly & Co.

Tuesday Blues

August 11, 2009

Nothing says Tuesday like heat and humidity...yuck! I don't actually like Tuesdays, so rather than explain why I don't like Tuesdays, I'll leave you with a link to Zoe pictures. (thanks jamie for the pictures) Z & E Off to get a diet coke and beat the heat! XOXO, Holly & Co.


August 8, 2009

Last night Ryan and I got to go on a date, something we haven't done in a long time. We went to Mas in Roseville and had a Mexican feast. I got a shot of Ryan and his Carnitas, while the Mariachi band played in the background. After Dinner, I convinced Ryan to take me to my favorite scrapbook store, Green Tangerines. There was a lot of new stuff in and I picked up some great Cosmo Crickets products to make a mini album for our ward service action in a couple weeks. Here's a little peak. If you want to see the full thing, you can look at my scrapbook galleries, I loaded the whole thing there. And here is Ms. Z wearing her new Milk & Cookies pjs. I asked her what was on her shirt and she said "Cookie." She surprises us with new words ever day. XOXO, Holly & Co.

E & Z

August 7, 2009

Last night, Jamie & E had us over to play. They were being so funny together so Jamie and I took some video.

They have such a sweet sibling type relationship. One moment they are running after each other, the next they are fighting over toys. It's wonderful! As parents, we've already decided they need to get married.
This morning, I bruised my thumb really bad. I thought it was broken cuz it turned all purple but I can bend it so I think it's just really bruised, but it's making typing a little difficult.
Holly & Co.

Growing up TOO fast

August 5, 2009

Look at how fast she's growing up. I can even pull her hair into a pony tail.

The Meltdown over Chicken

August 3, 2009

*supposed to be posted on Monday....accidentally saved instead of posted* Who knew a 14 month old could go ballistic over chicken....Well we had our proof on Saturday. We decided to go out to lunch at one of our favorites, El Torito. We got all seated, with drinks, and chips and salsa. Our food took awhile to get to us, and Zoe was not content with chips and lettuce. So when her chicken tenders came, she immediately grabbed one to knaw on. They were pretty big so I started to cut the other pieces up for her. When I finised cutting up all the other pieces, I took the one piece out of her mouth to cut up while she ate the little pieces. Well she was not having any of that. She proceeded to scream to the point of silence and then some. Even after I returned the large piece of chicken, she was still crying. I had to get to her of her high chair to comfort her. Zoe is normally very content in restaurants. I felt so bad for the other patrons. * If you were at El Torito on Saturday afternoon and sitting near us, I'm so sorry. I tried to calm her down as best I could* She did eventually calm down, but man who knew she would get so upset over chicken... She is learning her "No-No" all over again and responds to every questions with a "No" even when the answer is "Yes." She is also quite the dancer when she is in the mood. I entertain her by singing "Apples & Bananas" in the car on our way home. She laughs when Ryan runs around with her blanket on his head and does Kung Fu moves. I think she's getting more teeth. I'm back in a crafty slump although I did make some home decor for fall, it's a pencil bouquet, inspired by the line from the movie, " You've got Mail" about freshly sharpened pencils. I think I'll be decorating in a school theme this fall. I still need to change my throw pillows. Ugh, the "To-do" list never ends. XOXO, Holly & Co.
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