i {heart} my husband

January 21, 2010

this past semester, almost every wednesday, Ryan would come and meet me at work and we would go out to lunch.  we really enjoyed having this mini date throughout the week and were mourning his change in schedule for this upcoming semester, it means no more lunch dates.

well, today, Ryan just happens to be working close and called me up and asked me if I'd like to go to lunch with him. I love that he still asks me out.

we've been together for almost 5 years (married almost 3) and I love that the chivalry is still there. he still opens my doors and offers me his jacket if I'm cold.

I {heart} my husband and couldn't be happier he's mine.

Holly & CO.

PS. thanks Dan & Julie for raising the most wonderful man in my life.

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Jamie and Preston said...

Ahhhh! You two are a blessing in our lives! And PS thanks to Dan and Julie for raising the most important guy in my husbands life who could marry the most important woman in mine! MUAH!

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