My Favorite Things & First Giveaway!

January 7, 2010

Ok, this post has been a long time coming...but here's my first giveaway!

A few of my favorite things:
Woodgrain ribbon by American Crafts
Assorted Pen set, black by Martha Stewart Crafts
Square Kraft Envelopes by Maya Road
Flair by American Crafts (these make awesome hairbow centers or magnets if you aren't into scrapbooking)
If you want to enter, leave a comment by Sunday night at 7pm PST :)
Holly & Co.


Andria Gebhard said...

Whats your give away for? I'll enter! Looks like fun stuff.

Jamie and Preston said...

Yeah for giveaways! Count me in please!

Heather said...

oh! me! ME!!! If I leave multiple comments, do I get multiple entries?

Jamie and Preston said...

If I out do Heather's entries and bake you some thing yummy that is fat free.......LOL!

LC said...


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