Sleeping Beauty

February 26, 2010

This is what I found the other morning. Yes, I had opened the door, turned on the light and taken a picture with the flash.
Yes, she stills sleep with the binkie, unfortunately, but that's the only time she gets it. She also snores like her mama :) I wonder if she'll have Morgan tonsils and if they'll have to be removed.

There are little moments like these that I want to keep forever. I'm so torn between her growing up and staying little. I love watching her learn new things and discover, but I miss that little tiny baby who needed me for everything.

I'm normally in love with Winter, but our weather has been flip flopping so much lately, I'm kinda ready for Spring. I bought Zoe her first pair of shorts for the season. Yes, in the month of February. Dang You Target and your adorable summer baby clothes for $5 a piece.

I'm still scrapping pretty much every night, although that doesn't always conclude in a layout form. I still haven't finished my december daily book, or my Chirstmas pictures...but I'll get there.

Don't know our plans for this weekend...probably heading to Roseville, as usual. Maybe we'll go to the mall to switch it up :)

Holly & Co.


Jen said...

Such an adorable picture of Zoe. I love all the color coordination in her bed. :)

Heather said...

I love the little teeth bite marks on her crib. So cute... adds character to the crib and makes you smile when you look back on them.

Stephanie said...

Umm can you teach me how to make a pillow and matching blanket! How cute is that! Zoe is such a cutie!

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