Happy March!

March 1, 2010

Today is March 1st.
I like when new month's start on Mondays, it makes Monday's better.
I also like March 1st, because that means I get 40 more hours on Pandora :)
It means 7 weeks till I get to see my family and my little sister gets married.

Last night, we spent the evening at our friends, the Fairchild's home. The live in the most adorably decorated townhouse. Gray and steely blue walls. White couches, and simple decor. Ooo it was cute! They invited us and the Stauffers for dinner. We had homemade chicken n' dumplings & biscuits. (they're from Mississippi)Yum! The Stauffers brought highly addictive spinach dip and we brought apple cinnamon rolls. It was a good night for food.

The kids were definitely on something though. Crazy to say the least. Except for the 30 minutes we turned on Lilo and Stitch, that was pure bliss. Then the boys wanted to play Guitar Hero/Rock Band, so that quiet ended. But we made it through. Thanks to the Fairchilds and Stauffers, it was a lovely, loud evening :)

I'm waiting to add pictures, until Jamie uploads them to her blog so I can steal them :)

Holly & Co.


Jamie and Preston said...

I'll get around to it when the kids are napping! So much fun last night, we need to go do lazer tag with them!

Mark and Annalee said...

I'm a little sad that we're not a part of your family and friends (on your list of blogs). I know that we haven't got together recently but I still want to be your friend :(

No joke...we need to hang out!

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