a little crafting

April 28, 2010

just wanted to share some pages I made with Easter photos.

Holly & Co.


Jamie and Preston said...

Love em! So cute! So can I hire you to help me get caught up on the kids books? Eh, eh, I'll buy you ice cream (skinny cow of course), or pie (non-fat the way you like), or maybe MAS (hold all the fatty stuff, cuz we are so better than that...or with extra fatty stuff cuz it tastes better...I won't tell if you won't) ?

Haley & Caden said...

I think you are doing a great job with your journal and scrapbooking. i think too often we remember the sad times, instead of holding on the good times. you, in your amazing way, have inspired me, (and others,) to start my blog. if you want to write something more personal, you should keep your own personal journal. something your kids can read to see how you got through those tough times and what inspired you through the happy times. they will see what you have done for them through the scrap booking and be strengthened be your wisdom in your journal. that is my thought: )

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