best $2.00 ever spent

May 20, 2010

Foam swords at Target = Hours of Entertainment

Pardon the rag-a-muffin child, this is one of the few action shots I got.
Zoe loves these things. We have so much fun sword fighting. She even says, "Enguard!"

If you live close to a Target, I highly suggest in these. They are lots of fun!

Not much going on here. Just enjoying Ryan's time off from school for the next couple weeks.

Holly & Co.

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Mark and Annalee said...

Hey I'm the first to leave a comment and the first to say I blog stalk you guys lol. Zoe is such a doll I wish I would have got to know her better. Hopefull things will start to change and we'll hang out more.

Miss you!

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