3 years

June 2, 2010

3 years ago today, I married my sweetheart for time and all eternity.

Don't we look so young? 
It was only 3 years ago. My how time flies.

Ryan doesn't read this blog, at least that's what he tells me, but I love him anyway. 
He is my favorite and always has been. 
I knew he was the one, after he broke up with me.
I didn't want to imagine my life without him.
He came to his senses, eventually.

He endures my over-emotional moments and my crazy moments. 
He knows me well enough to sense when I need him to bring me home a coke. 
He works unbelievably hard for me and for our family.
He is my soulmate.
I love you Ryan.
You were worth the wait.

Holly & Co.

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