the Piggy bank

June 22, 2010

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Zoe got a piggy bank from our trip to Tahoe.

When we got home it was the toddler witching hour (read: 5pm) and I needed an activity to entertain her until dinner.

Lucky for me, we keep a giant jar of pennies.

Piggy all of a sudden got an appetite.

I showed Zoe how to drop the coins in her piggy bank.

Every couple of minutes I'd hear, " I tan't do it!" (I can't do it!)
I'd remind her to turn the penny the other way.
Then I'd hear, " Yeah I did it!"
and then she'd kiss the pig.

I love her little phrases and songs as the background to my days.

Holly & Co.

1 comment:

Mark and Annalee said...

This piggy bank is the cutest my mom got Lilly one when she went to Vegas. I love reading Zoe quotes and imagining her saying them...she's so cute!

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