the (wo)man behind the curtain

June 10, 2010

After reading a blog entry from one of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie, I was provoked to write one similar.

I completely agree that it's prevalent and tempting to create a "my perfect world" type blog. Who wouldn't want one? That's the nice part about being the author of the blog, you control the content.
I tend to follow a more light-hearted trend on this blog, simply because my Dad always told me to be careful what you put in writing, as it's permanent and I've continued to keep my blog public.

The reality is I'm a young, married, working mom. I work more than I want to. I see Zoe way less than I want to. I see Ryan even less than I see Zoe. Some days it's hard. Some days we come home and spend the evening cuddled on the couch, because mom needs the snuggle time. I have driven all the way to daycare on my lunch hour, just to give Zoe a hug, because I missed her so much and I needed to see her that very minute.
We spend most Saturdays in pj's until almost noon. Which is very opposite of my house growing up. I rarely make my bed (although I've never done that). We don't clean up Zoe's room every night.

Most nights I choose my scrapbook desk over the dirty dishes in the sink. 

I would wear my yoga pants and Ryan's giant BYU sweatshirt every day of my life, if it was socially acceptable. If you stop by unannounced after 7pm, that's most likely what I'll be wearing.

Cereal or oatmeal for dinner are always options.

Zoe throws tantrums comparable to my own as a child. I'm certain my parents secretly laugh when I tell them she's Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde some days.

Life is not perfect and that's great.
If it was, we'd all be bored.
( I say that, because I'm constantly trying to remind myself)

I've blogged a little too long and now need to get ready for my day. 

Thanks to all my blog readers. 
I don't hate comments and I wish to hear from more of you.
Drop a note, I don't bite:)

Holly & Co.


Mary B said...

I love this! It's 11:44am on a Thursday and I'm still in my pj's! Love ya, girl!

Jamie and Preston said...

I love you in your yoga pants and sweatshirt, it makes me feel less self conscious about my basketball shorts and ratty t-shirts! Thanks for being a 'real' Mom! It gives us all a little encouragement that we aren't alone..that not all Mom's cook from scratch everyday, or always have floors so clean you could eat off them. Love you!

Heather said...

You're so cute. You always have a way of writing things exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear them. (Or read them...) Don't worry. It's 12:33pm and I have my pj's on still too... on a thursday.

I love you! Miss you!

Jen said...

It's nice to read about the woman behind the curtain. :) Thanks for an inside look Holly.

Eric, Vayana, Bryant and Jordan said...

Hey Holly! First happy belated birthday to Zoe. She is seriously getting cuter and cuter, watch out when she turns 16! I actually always enjoy reading your blog, you always bring a smile on my face. And especially this last posting. I'm one of those who try too hard to do every thing but fail. You just reminded me it's OK to let go of things at times. I love your scrapbook skill though.

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