August 26, 2010

Listening: Michael Buble on Pandora
Eating: Oatmeal
Drinking: Diet Coke
Wearing: AE jeans and sweater, despite it being over 100 yesterday and most likely today.
Feeling: Anxious
Weather: Over 100, praying for fall to come quickly
Wanting: To scrapbook, but hard finding the time
Needing: A haircut. Zoe got one yesterday and  I realized how badly I need one too.
Thinking: about the holidays, packing, scrapbook supplies I want but should wait to order.
Enjoying: Zoe and her constant observational chatter, "Door," " Mommy's dress,"" Do you hear that?"
Wondering: if I'll get to sleep in this weekend.

What are your currents?

Holly & CO.


Jamie and Preston said...

Well since you asked:
istening: Toys being thrown across the room
Eating: Trail mix
Drinking: hot coco
Wearing: Jammies, it's still too early
Feeling: Whelmed! (A little 10 things I hate about you reference)
Weather: It's improving...
Wanting: More hours in a day!
Needing: Peace-a little too much anxiety this week
Thinking: about too much at one time.
Enjoying: Eat Pray Love!
Wondering: How next week is going to leave me emotionally? Farewell, goodbye to be, big questions answered, Noah turning 1. It's a bit much don't you think?

Keshet said...

Fun post!
I'll do a short one--currently sitting at a Starbucks, sipping a delicious Cinnamon Dolce latte and listening to a fun song and reading blogs:)

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