Hold on Tight

August 16, 2010

The journaling reads, " Hold on tight...to what you know is right...to true friends and family...to who you are."

I adore this photo that Ryan took of Zoe. 
Although I'm standing in the background and have my hands ready to catch her, 
she is holding on all by herself.

I have a tons of photos from this weekend that I'm dying to scrapbook, so you may see a large influx of scrapbook pages here on the blog. 
I used the paper pack that I had bought to make small scrapbooks for the service auction, however, my package got incorrectly routed to Stockton, so I didn't get it in time and had to use other products.
I'm secretly a little happy, because I'm adoring this paper pack :)

School starts soon, and our summer is winding down, thank goodness.
We've had such a great summer, but we're ready for more down time and cold weather.
I can't wait to take some fall photos of Zoe. I got the cutest little ruffled striped sweater for her to wear.

Maybe this year we'll actually send Christmas cards......mmm, I wouldn't bet on it, but I'll try.

Holly & Co


Jamie and Preston said...

Umm...I love the label 'useless info'...LOL! Cute page!

Mark and Annalee said...

I <3 your scrapbooking awesomeness!!

Keshet said...

Beautiful page! Thanks for stopping by my blog--I'm glad it led me to yours, I love your style!

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