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October 19, 2010

Could skinny jeans be any cuter on her? 

I love this two people.

Last night, I decided we need to get out of the house.
 Zoe hadn't gotten a new book for awhile, so I suggested Barnes & Noble.
She wanted to look at books for about 2 minutes, before she saw the train table.
 I looked at books, Zoe played trains, and Ryan played on his iphone.

We came home with two of my Zoe's favorites, Chick Chicka Boom Boom and Strega Nona.
We ended the evening visiting with the Stauffers,
who had invited us over just as we were leaving for the bookstore.

Such a Ham. At least she lets me take her picture.

After Zoe went to bed, Ryan started his homework, and I threw on some re-runs and got to scrapping.
I think this is one of my all time favorite layouts.
It made me smile so big when I finished.
Probably becuase of how happy that pony ride made Zoe.
She was so excited. Giggling and smiling the whole time. I'm glad I got to ride with her.

I hope we get a chance to let her ride again soon. There's a pumpkin patch close to our house that has them on the weekends. I think I might try and get in another ride before winter comes.

And finally, I got pictures of this layout.

I love how the border turned out.
 It took awhile to hand stamp all those letters individually, but it was so worth it.
(I know only a goat is picture on the layout, but we did see pigs, chickens, cows and sheep too)
I used Ranger Pebble inkpad and I love how subtle it is on the wheat cardstock.

I noticed on Sunday Zoe has grown out of a lot of her dresses, so it looks like I need to go shopping.
Fall clothes here we come!

Holly & Co.


Michelle Clement said...

Aaw, what a lil cutie! :) And cute pages, too! The first one is my fave - love it!

Christina said...

cute layouts! i love how you stamped that border, perfect!

Jenni S. said...

Cuteness! And the train table is the first thing Noah goes for in Barnes and Noble as well. They might as not sell anything else, as far as he's concerned.

lisa truesdell said...

gorgeous LOs - and chicka chicka boom boom is one of my faves. =) we also love anything by mo willems or oliver jeffers.

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