Old Town Sac

October 9, 2010

 Change of plans, we decided to go to Old Town Sac instead today.
While the first two pictures have real no meaning,
 I just fell in love with the sign-age downtown. 
Such a great mix of fonts and colors.

And can't leave out this little one.

We stopped for lunch at a cute little place called Steamers. Great Paninis.

Our trip got cut short by a false potty alarm from Zoe,
 but we headed home anyway to get in a nap and some scrapping time.

I'm on a baking streak today, I've already made 2.5 dozen chocolate chip cookies
 and cornbread muffins from scratch.
 ETA : The cornbread turned out great, however, was seriously lacking in flavor. So if you have a great cornbread recipe, hook me up!

Well this blog post has taken me like 4 hours to write, sad I know. Lots of starts and stops.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Holly & Co.


Mary B said...

Your little girl is getting so big!! What a sweetheart. I love your posts.


OramHouse said...

Add yellow cake mix to your cornbread recipe. Not sure of the ration, but if you google it...comes out more like Marie Callendars

OramHouse said...

*ratio, not ration!

Keshet said...

She is too too cute!

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