A Fall-ish Day

November 8, 2010

Finally, it's cold!
We had rain this weekend, and fog this morning.
And when I went to the post office around noon, it was cold outside!

I made chili and cornbread for dinner. I would have made some pumpkin dessert, except I was way too full.
Anybody have a recipe for some kind of pumpkin bar? A cross between pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread? (Is that asking too much?)

We've been doing a lot of coloring around here. Ponies, Mickey, and Dora, all in equal rotation. Zoe likes to color on the same page as me, which can make coloring kinda frustrating. But, it's a nice way to relax in the evening just us :)

Anxiously awaiting some scrapping stuff,so I can scrapbook all my fun fall pictures!
Totally excited for this orange-red paper. Doesn't it just scream fall?

Happy Fall-ish Monday!

Holly & Co.


Keshet said...

That looks delicious! Yum!

flo said...

hey holly, don't know if you ever found a recipe for a pumpkin bar, but here's the link to the one i posted over at SC. it's delicious!

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