December Daily 2010: Day 5

December 6, 2010

Today we had a wonderful church meeting. We were a little late due to a marathon that was going on outside our apartment, blocking our street. Ryan and I both got up to share our testimonies.
 Which is a first for us, both getting up during the same meeting. 
This afternoon, we had a nice lunch and a nap. 
This evening, Jamie and I put Zoe and Ethan in the car with some snacks 
and went to visit a very popular light display around here, Dovewood Court. 
It was pouring rain so we drove through instead of walking.

There was some awesome displays. This last one was was set to music. So incredible.

I totally love out of focus light shots. 

When we got home, we had some storytime and snuggling. 
I love watching these two together.

Today the side effects are nearly as bad as yesterday. 
I'm hoping that I can finally get back to normal this next week.
Thanks everyone for your sweet comments.

I'm working on some more tags and wrapping, hoping to finish up in the next couple days.

Holly & Co.


Jamie and Preston said...

The pics turned out so good! Thanks for being my car buddy last night!

Lauren said...

Beautiful photos!Love the last 2 best! So cool! Have a wonderful Monday!

ArlaMo said...

Love that last pic!
Hope you feel better soon - medication, their healing powers and side effects are something I have come to know much about lately, so I wish you the very best!

lisa truesdell said...

oh that last pic! soooo sweet!

Lauren said...

Great photos! Esp the bohek and the cuddles!

Keshet said...

That last photo is just adorable!

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