December Daily 2010: Day 6

December 6, 2010

Tonight we made homemade pizza and watched movies.
 I chose Elf but Zoe chose Princess and the Frog
We watched Princess and the Frog.
Funny how those things happen.
But I'm watching Elf right now :).

We also made a paper nativity scene. 
Zoe smashed the cow. 
We're working on understanding the story.

I finished this page last night. I just love these two together.

I think we'll be making cookies sometime this week....looking forward to sweets.

Holly & Co.


Denise said...

Great layout! That is an adorable photo. I love Elf and find I always lose out on watching my choice. Funny how kids always win. LOL

Jamie and Preston said...

We should have combined FHE tonight. We did the nativity story too! Thanks for letting me borrow your cookie cutters.

Keshet said...

Oh, love the layout!!

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