December Daily: Day 20

December 20, 2010

Yes, I actually have got some scrapbooking in, even though we've moved several hundred miles in the past week and everything we own fits in my parents garage.
I actually did this page the night before we moved, I couldn't resist playing with my giant box of stuff that I bought on Black Friday.

And I finally did something with those baby footprints I discovered not too long ago.

I've got a nice little set up on a desk at my parents house. I've pretty much taken over the whole thing, including some of the drawers.

While I was working today, Ryan took Zoe over to Cabela's and they saw lots of animals. Zoe kept talking about the alligator coming to get her. I don't even think she saw a real one, but she can't stop talking about it.

Hopefully things have slowed down a bit here and I'll be able to share some more pictures soon.

Holly & Co.

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scrappingmabel said...

Hi Holly stumbled om our blog and just love reading it and looking at all your layouts.Hope everything works out with your move.Your little girl is adorable,I have two girls and it seems no time ago since they were that size. God Bless Sandra x

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