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January 17, 2011

We got some good news early this morning, Ryan's brother's visa went through and he was on a plane today to Mexico to start his mission there. He had been sent to the South Salt Lake mission while he was waiting for his visa. Ryan got to talk to him briefly this afternoon, he ws excited and I'm sure relieved to get out of Salt Lake and onto warmer climates.

We were lucky today, we saw the sun today for the first time in over a week. It was nice to see it peeking through the clouds, although, I'm pretty sure we'll see snow tomorrow. I'm hoping there will be some this weekend. I found a really great sledding hill up on campus today, and I'm wanting to try it out. Zoe hasn't ever been sledding, but I'm pretty sure she'll love it.

I finally got started on a little project that I've had in my head for several weeks. It's not completed yet, but here is phase 1.

I'm heading to the DI tonight to hopefully get phase 2.

I've got some layouts to share but I'm still waiting for my battery charger, so those will have to wait.

Anyone else already thinking about Valentine's Day? Every year Target has the cutest stuff and it makes me want to decorate my house in hearts. Good thing I live 25 miles from a Target now :)

Holly & Co.


Vera said...

love that sneak!

Christa said...

Great sneak!
My nephew is in Mexico right now for his mission work! He went last summer and is enjoying it so far.

Michele H. said...

awesome sneak and yes...valentines day is already on my mind! love target and all they have to's a dangerous place!:)

lisa truesdell said...

super fun tags!

scrappingmabel said...

love your sneak peak!! really enjoy reading your blog take care Sandra x

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