I Love my Life

February 27, 2011

Some days, lunch consists of cereal in tupperware because there aren't any bowls clean;
Eating in jammies because there's no good reason not to.

Yesterday, Zoe and I got to spend the whole day together.
We went out for a little retail therapy, glitter nail polish for us both.
Saw a flick, Gnomeo & Juliet.

I was thinking this afternoon how fleeting this time is.
I took a video of Zoe and I having a dance party the other day, because I know while ridiculous now, She won't be that little person for much longer.

and while this move has been hard and challenging, a had me pinned in between a rock and a hard place at certain times...
I Love my Life, right now.
(cereal in tupperware included.)

Much love on a snowy Sunday!

Holly & CO.

1 comment:

Sasha Farina said...

i love cereal in tupperware... we do that too!!

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