February 4, 2011

First off, my pictures always seem a little fuzzy when I use the blogger uploader, so I'm using photobucket now, can you tell a difference? (It's probably just me being annoyed)

Here's a new edition to our evenings. Ponies spend a LOT of time with Zoe. The join her in the tub (as evident by the awesome hair they have), they go to bed with her, they even get to join us for storytime. 
Since we visit the McDonald's play place at least twice a week, he have quite the collection of ponies. 

She likes to tell you that the ponies love you, then smash them into your face as if they are kissing you. Yeah, the unicorn and I are not on speaking terms.

It was awfully cold this week, today it's actually warm at 17.
 Poor Ryan walked to school when it was -13 the other day. 

In the past week, the scrapping world has been all a buzz with the new products coming out for the seasonal tradeshow. I've been participating in some challenges and trying to use up some older stuff to make way for the new!

This has always been a favorite picture of mine. I adore those paint splatter overalls. 
I discovered an old e-mail my Dad sent me with some baby pictures. I thought it might be fun to scrap some of those. It also proves that Zoe is my daughter. We look a lot more a like as kidlets.

Hope you've got some great plans for the weekend. I'm hoping to get out of Rexburg and head out to Idaho Falls tomorrow, but we shall see. 

Holly & Co.


Jenn said...

Holly, love the overalls layout, haha! You gotta love those 80s clothes! The misting splatter is perfect for that page, too!

Christa said...

Holly that is a beautiful layout!! I love it!

amytangerine said...

cute layout!

Denise said...

Love the layout. The misting is perfect alongside the overall photo. I can totally understand your annoyance with the unicorn. Totally not face smooshing kisser friendly. LOL

Jamie and Preston said...

Shut's baby Holly! I am pretty sure that I owned the matching hat to those overalls. Oh what a pair we would have been rocking big hair, two toned socks, stretch pants(hemmed with lace of course) under stonewashed jean skirts...a girl can dream!

PS -13 are you freaking kidding me? It was like 60 here today and it is supposed to get up to 66 by mid week. Just reading about the cold makes me need a hot chocolate. UGH MISS YOUR FACE!!!!

Kay said...

Loving that layout! I remember the "paint-splatter days", although it was my daughter, not me. LOL! Watch out for unicorns!

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