A Painful Reminder

February 1, 2011

Saturday afternoon, afte we had such a fun day at the park and a great lunch together as a family, I was overcome with a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. After trying a few things at home, the pain got worse, so I asked Ryan to take me to the emergency too
One perk of living in a small town it the wait at he ER is short...

Well it turns out I had an ovarian cyst on my left ovary, that ruptured. I didn't even know I had a cyst. Apparently, cysts are common and usually go away or their own or explode. Mine chose option 2.
Yeah, it hurt. It was worse than labor.
The Dr. Gave me some meds and sent me home with instructions to lay low for the next few days.

Unfortunately the affected area is crucial for many daily tasks including movement. :)
What a loud reminder not to take my health for granted. My sweet husband has been doing everything for me and even got me a get well soon card... (cards are kinda our thing)

In family news, we're starting potty training...for reals. So far we've had one success and two accidents. But I'm confident the next few days will get better. Today was a rough day over-all. Several tantrums all over the place. Hoping tomorrow is better.

I'll leave you with a quick layout I did from our snow day weekend.

Holly & CO.


thedoridog said...

Hope you are feeling better! Wish we were close by to help out . . .

Diane Payne said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Julie (juls2000) said...

Hope you feel better soon! Beautiful layout!

Kay said...

Hope you're feeling better! Beautiful layout!

Keshet said...

Oh no, hope you're feeling better, Holly!

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