April kit sneaks

March 29, 2011

I was so excited to start working with my April Kit for Polka Dot Whimsy.
The colors are just beautiful. 
I actually pulled out some wedding photos, they just seem to fit so well with this kit. 

The kit goes live in a couple days but I wanted to share some sneaks:

I did a LOT of hand cutting for this layout, but it was totally worth the 2 hours and sore hands :)
I did some embossing for the title as well,
I would definitely recommend White and Rouge Zing to match this kit.

I'm in love with that striped piece of paper from Crate. I think I used it on everything I made for this month.

This is my most favorite kit yet!
Hopefully I'll have more sneaks to add later tonight.

Holly & CO.


AmyInKy said...

Can't wait to see the full layouts! It looks like the hand-cutting kept you busy. :)

Keshet said...

Looks delicious from the sneak!

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