Red, Red, they call me Red

March 9, 2011 that children's book?

Well it's that time of year where I get bored with my "look" and decide to make a change. This year's change was spur of the moment and quite drastic.

Yep, it's red. Well...reddish brown. I like it but I'm hoping the red will fade a bit, it's kinda bright and short.
 I cut several inches and went back to a layered bob, not that anyone really cares :)

Also, I'm trying to start running. I say trying, because I'm a bad runner, I always have been. But in 2 months from now, I'll be participating in the Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City, in memory of my late grandmother and I don't want to disappoint her :) I'm definitely not going to be winning the race, but I have some red blisters to show my effort as of late.
(Any friends or relatives in or near the SLC area, feel free to join me - Link to info)

While we're on the topic of all things red, have you tried this yet?
Ok, truth be told, it's not the same as those delicious cupcakes that I keep photographing,
but in a pinch, it definitely satisfies a craving.

Goodnight all!

Holly & CO.


OramHouse said...

I'm doing race for the cure here in Sac! My first one and I just started training this week. There are some great online resources for women getting started. Good luck:)

Julie (juls2000) said...

I love the hair!! So cute! Good luck with your training for the race!

Jamie and Preston said...

When did you do your hair? I LOVE it! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

How crazy. I just discovered that yogurt yesterday at the grocery store. I wasn't brave enough to buy it and try it. Instead, I went for the Rasberry Creamcheese one. ... haven't tried it yet though!

ArlaMo said...

I'm a huge fan of red hair - it looks lovely!

Kelly said...

I Love your hair - it's fabulous!!
Good luck on the race xxx

Aaron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather said...

Love it! I'm so in the same boat right now. I'm wanting to do something drastic with my hair but can't decide! I love the red... very nice! OH! You need to try the key lime flavor... my fav.

Good luck running hunny! You'll do awesome!

AmyInKy said...

LOVE your hair!!! :)

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