She makes it too easy

March 18, 2011

Now, I don't have any plans to become a photographer, I just wanted to get better at using my zoom lens and Zoe isn't exactly an agreeable subject.
So I asked Natalie to let me take some pictures of her in my favorite alley way :)

(We didn't write those words, they were already there)

Isn't she pretty?
And her red is natural. :)

This is my favorite!

Of course, since she is visiting, we had to go to the cupcake shop!
We got to try 2 new flavors,
Key Lime & Mexican Chocolate

I think I might have a tie for favorite now. 
The key lime was amazing! 
Inside the cupcake, they bake a piece of key lime pie.
It was so good.
The Mexican Chocolate was good too,
 but Zoe kinda hoarded that one, so I only got a taste.

It's nap time around here so I'm gonna go take a snooze.

Happy Friday!
Holly & Co.


Christa said...

Beautiful pictures! And yum-the cupcakes look delicious!

Aly Willis said...

I love the one with the door! Are you surprised?

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