So Grown Up!

March 27, 2011

Seriously, She's like 2 going on 13.

Aly was doing some mini Easter theme photo shoots yesterday and offered Zoe a slot,
 of course I gladly accepted.
I actually snapped this shot while Aly was working her magic, the set up and lighting was all her though.

I haven't seen the pictures Aly got yet, but I'm excited.

I do apologize for the blog absence. We're moving in just a few days (again) and
 I'm a little bit scatter brained and overwhelmed.
April just came a little too quickly.

Although we are definitely looking forward to Ryan getting a few days of a break.
We miss him when he's working so hard.

Not much else to say today. 
I promise I'll be be back tomorrow with some projects to share.

Holly & Co.


Keshet said...

Sounds like life is busy--hope the new move is to a place you love! And adorable photo--she really does look so grown up:)

Jamie and Preston said...

I can't even stand how cute this picture is! Our babies aren't babies anymore!

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