I'm Back

April 4, 2011

Zoe and I took a last minute trip down to Utah this weekend.
This meant I packed up as much as I could in about 5 hours to bring down to my parent's house. 

We had some extended family that was in town, so we spent Friday evening hanging out with them.

I snapped this picture of Zoe and Great-Grandpa.
I realized I have hardly any pictures of my or Ryan's grandparents with Zoe.
and that made me sad, so I am determined to take more!

Saturday and Sunday, we spent the day listening to General Conference and eating lots of yummy food :)

This week is going to be busy with finals and packing but I'm hoping we'll have a little bit of fun thrown in.

Holly & Co.


Lanee said...

Good luck with finals Ryan! Good luck with the move Holl! Miss you! We need to catch up sometime!

Lanee said...

p.s. this is Heather... I was logged in under my Mom. ;)

Keshet said...

Hope you had a great time and wishing you lick with the move!

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