PDW April Revealed

April 5, 2011

I'm excited to share my Polka Dot Whimsy April Layouts! I absolutely LOVED this month's kit. I used the kit to finally scrap some wedding photos.

What a Hunk!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but before I had the guts to tell Ryan, "I Love You," I would say "You are my Favorite," in it's place. 
It's kinda our thing :)

I had totally forgotten about this picture.
I can't believe I forgot about it, because it's one of my favorites from our wedding day.
It was at our reception and we finally got a chance to sit 
and be together and reflect on the big step we had just made.

This layout took a long time, but it turned out just how I had wanted it to.
Sometimes, I get stumped on how to use all the ribbons and embellishments that come in the kits.
Lace + Wedding photos just seemed natural.
My sewing machine actually broke before I made this layout and I didn't want to staple the lace, so I used my glue gun....very carefully. 
I put teeny tiny dabs underneath the largest part of the lace all across the page.

I only got to make these 3 layouts so far, but I'm hoping to get to play more after we move this week.

Holly & Co.


Gary and Natalie Pratt said...

Hey, your photos aren't showing up. Something must be wrong with photo bucket...

Keshet said...

These are all so pretty, Holly! My sewing machine just broke, too--not very happy about that!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous creations Holly!!! The second one is my fave. Love the photo :)

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