Thanksgiving Point - Farm Country

April 23, 2011

What a lovely sight in the morning.

We took a trip to Thanksgiving Point this morning.
The majority of Utah County was attending the Egg Extravaganza,
 but we decided to go visit the Farm County exhibit. 
It was the perfect day to go, nearly empty.

Zoe got to go one 3 pony rides. I'm sure that was her favorite part.

We also go to meet lots of different animals.

We didn't go over to the Tulip Festival,
 but there were plenty of tulips on the grounds to take pretty pictures by.

 We've had a nice relaxing Easter weekend and we'll be celebrating tomorrow with lots of family!
 Whatever your faith, I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Holly & Co.

1 comment:

Keshet said...

She is really too cute:) Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

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