Sweet Spirit

May 4, 2011

Most toddlers are quite self-involved, including my own.
However, she is starting to come out of that a little bit and is becoming aware of other people needs.

This morning, we were in the basement and Zoe heard my mom rustling things around in the storage room. She stopped playing with her toys and ran into the storage room and asked, "Nona, do you need any help?"

Then she spent the next few minutes helping my mom build a little bed for her cousin who is coming to visit tonight. After she finished with the bed, she ran back in to the playroom and said, "Mom, I helped Nona make a bed for baby 'liza!"

She was so happy.

It was a proud mom moment for me, I'm glad all the talking/teaching/reminding is working.

A reminder to make an effort all the time, because she is watching/listening/learning.

Holly & CO.


Christa said...

Isn't neat to see them growing and looking beyond themselves?!! So cool to see it first hand!

lisa truesdell said...

So sweet!

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