Faking Summer

June 7, 2011

I'm loving this year's summer, which has, up until this point and continues to be, below 80 degrees.
 As much as I dislike summer, Zoe loves being outside and playing in the water,
so this has posed a problem for her,

My Mom bought a beach ball that acts like a sprinkler and shoots water, and Zoe has been begging to play in it. The other day, I finally relented and I got it out for her, even though it was about 70 and windy.

She had a great time, even if she only lasted 15 minutes before her lips turned purple and she was shivering.

It's quite a difference then our California summers. I'm sure it's already 90+ there.
Well, worse comes to worse, we'll go swim at the rec center at the indoor pool :)
How's your summer shaping up so far?

Holly & Co.

1 comment:

Jamie and Preston said...

Just FYI we have been have cool stormy weather. Not one day of 90 degree heat! This is the first week that we are expecting sun and temps in the 80's. So ha! You leave and we finally have that mild summer that you've been desperate for! LOL!

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