Rock Collecting

July 7, 2011

I realized I never shared this layout. This was from the Clark Planetarium last month. Zoe really loved being on the moon.

I added the pocket with the caption, "moon rocks" because for some reason, Zoe likes to collect rocks.
Whenever we go on a walk, Zoe picks up rocks and puts them in my pocket/stroller/hand. She collects them in the backyard or in the parking lot at Target.
I told my dad today that I bet she'll grow up to be a geologist, she REALLY likes rocks.

Did you collect anything as a kid?

I collected a lot of things, the big two were stickers and beanie babies. Yeah, I rocked the beanie baby collection. I'll share those photos in another post I have planned.

Holly & CO.


lisa truesdell said...

love this page! my boys are all BIG rock collectors - i have to remember to empty pockets before doing laundry!

Kelly said...

Awesome page.
I collected stickers - my favourite were the scratch & sniff ones. I loved them

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