Using up Scraps

July 2, 2011

I was collecting quite a bit of scrap paper from my Studio Calico June kit, so I decided to use them up and make a card. It seems I've been making quite a bit of cards lately, which is unusual for me, but I guess it's not a bad thing to have on hand.

I've been going through all the photos I've been taking this past week and I've got a couple favorites to share.

Doesn't this look straight out of the Baywatch opening?

And this is my attempt at Olan Mills type photography :)

Hope you all are having a safe and fun weekend.

Holly & Co.


antenucci said...

Love your card and some great pictures! Looking forward to creating with you at Paper Issues!

Jen said...

Your photos are getting SO good. Have you taken any classes?

kim c said...

Outstanding photos! Just wanted to welcome you to the Paper Issues neighborhood.

patti west said...

Your photos are great! LOL about the "Baywatch" comment! :) :)

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