California Vacation - Days 3 & 4

August 31, 2011

Day 3 - We worked during the day, but got to spend lots of time playing at night. We went back to an old familiar routine, had dinner and FHE with the Fairchild and Stauffer families. Yummy food, good company, kids playing, what more could you ask for?

Day 4 - Not as smoothe as day 3. Zoe and I took a trip to the mall that turned into a nightmare. Another cut toe on the other foot. Two potty accidents in two different stores. It's a shock we even had time to buy anything we were so busy with traumatic experiences. But the evening ended with girl talk, ice cream and coke, so it turned out ok. Oh, AND I got to eat at my favorite Mexican place, Mas! Thanks to my in-laws :)

Even though I'm on vacation I wanted to share a quick card that I made. It's a money holder card on the inside. I'm thinking I'll use it for my 15 year old brother's birthday in November.

We're heading down to the Bay area tomorrow to go see cousins and visit some fun places. Look for pictures to come!

Holly & Co.


Jamie and Preston said...

So fun last night! I miss our late night laughs! So excited to be closer to you soon!

Sherri said...

Holly your blog header makes me happy :) Just popping over from The Nook to say hello. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Els said...

Hi Holly, I just came poppin' in from the Nook's forum to check out your blog! Love it! Gorgeous things you make too!
Good luck on the move to come! :)

Megan Aaron said...

great card! and congrats on making the nook list!

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