A little distracted

August 4, 2011

This summer has been quite busy for us, busier than normal. Utah is the hub for both sides of my family, and it seems there is an endless supply of people coming to visit. Not that I'm complaining, but it makes for days full of laughing, remembering old times, fun activities and nights spent playing games, eating good food and talking for hours.

Last weekend, Ryan's parents were in town. It has been 8 months since we've seen them. WAY TOO LONG, in my opinion. We got them all to ourselves for 4 whole days. It was wonderful. Julie and I visited many a fabric store, and I even decided to make a quilt! Ryan attended Dan's class (which was the driving force behind the trip) We ate at a lot of yummy places, including the Brazillian restaurant, Tucano's!

I didn't bring my big camera with us while we were in Salt Lake on Monday, but thank goodness for my iPhone and Instagram. Here's a few pictures I snapped on our last day.

I forgot how giant and beautiful this temple is. It had been 5 years since Ryan and I had been to the Salt Lake Temple, and we decided we need to go back more than once every 5 years. It's such a peaceful, remarkable place.

Today, we get to have a short few hour visit with Ryan's sister and tomorrow we'll be spending the afternoon with our long lost friends, the Stauffers :)
Next week, more old friends on the agenda.

As you can see, we've been busy. Lately, I've been working on my SMASHbook, documenting our summer, rather than layouts, oh yeah, and working on my quilt. 

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

Holly & CO.


Unknown said...

Love your pics, and can't wait to see your smash book!

Sasha Holloway said...

cool pics. love the look of the smash book ..

Geralyn said...

Your daughter is so cute :)Love how you have tabs in your smash book!

Keshet said...

Can't wait to see inside your Smash book, Holly!

Kasey said...

Love the pictures! And I love the tabs you used on the smash book!

Ursula Schneider said...

holly, I love your photos, they are simply gorgeous. And that smashbook looks awesome. love all the tabs.

Tiffany Heard said...

Oh wow! Are you LDS? I am too. Beautiful LO's and photos. Your daughter is adorable.

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