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October 19, 2011

Lately, my days have been going in a roller coaster, good, better, great, no so great, could've done without, bad, you know the drill... But after a not so great couple of days, today turned out to be a winner, literally.

I won a kit from my favorite place, that I get to share with my new scrappy friend.
My new assignment at work is turning out to be wonderful!
I completed a scrapbook layout for the first time in a week.
It was cloudy, sweatshirt weather today - my favorite.
I discovered some ice cream in the freezer I had forgotten about.

Seriously, it seems like small things, but it's made my day.

Here's the layout I made. Another plus, I used lots of my mists on this page. I find that now that my mists are on the shelf right in my eye line, I use them more.

For the background, I used some Studio Calico star stickers as masks, added 2 different colors of grey mist, let it dry and then peeled them off. It's one of my favorite way to use stickers.

I also used the technique on the letters from last week's Technique Thursday post.

Thanks for stopping by!
Holly & Co.


Kelly said...

Yay for having a good day! Love your gorgeous layout too xxx

KarliJay said...

<3 You deserve a good day girl. Love you.

KarliJay said...
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Ann said...

Congrats on kit winning! And found ice cream! And the weather (which happens to be my favorite too)! I love your layout and I happened to complete a card today using one of the papers on your layout.

Christa said...

This is beautiful Holly!

Lisa Adair said...

Great layout! Love what you did with the mists! Congrats on winning the kit.

@JoyceCasaldi said...

What a fun lo, and she is just to cute!

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