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November 14, 2011

This is 17 year-old me, yeah the one not dressed up for Homecoming, on the right.
I don't share a ton about my high school experience, simply because it wasn't that great, but I have grown and learned a lot from it.

I was pretty typical, average grades, plenty of friends, but not popular.
No need to hash out the details, but my junior year, I had a rough end of the year, which eventually resulted in a diagnosis of depression and anxiety.

I sought counseling and medication, and got things all worked out.
I'm doing fine now, but it can be a battle to keep those feelings at bay sometimes.

The reason I'm sharing this information today, is because of where this layout started at.

In high school, I didn't date much. Had a few dates to a few dances, a random kiss, and lots of crushes. I often doubted I would ever find anyone to like me, let alone love me or marry me.

What I actually wanted to write on this page, I couldn't articulate well enough for just a few strips of journaling. I wanted to say, that if I had known in high school, that I would have married a man like you, I would have never believed it, but I would have been a little different.
I wouldn't have worried so much what other people thought.
I would have let go of the drama surrounding silly boys.
I would have spent more time preparing myself to be the best wife I could be.

This is a reminder to me, that I am one of the lucky ones. 
I got exactly what I wanted.
I need to appreciate that.
I need to worry less about the dishes in the sink and the laundry that needs to be folded,
and more about the sweet little girl and my husband, that I have been blessed with.

This Thanksgiving season has me in all sorts of reflection and perspective. 
Today, I am thankful for my husband. My wonderful, hardworking, understanding husband.

Holly & Co.


xoxo... t said...

Cute!!! Love this.

Anonymous said...

Stunning layout and an amazign journaling.
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and I think you are one amazing strong woman!

Paper Issues said...

This is amazing! You are amazing! =)

Heather said...

When I pulled this up, the picture TOTALLY caught me off guard! lol... I'm so happy you're so happy now! You deserve it! Love ya!

Jen said...

What a great tribute to my brother. :)

We think you're good for him too!

Keshet said...

Oh Holly, this makes me tear up. So so beautiful.

buglvr2010 said...

Awesome post, Holly! Made me a little teary eyed. Your layout if fabulous....you look so full of joy in that photo.

kate blue said...

I'm lurking around at the older stuff and so love this layout... I get what you are saying about all the words on the layout directly...sometimes I write it all on the back :) great photos!!! and hey, none of us knew a thing in high school! :):)

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